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Oyez, oyez . . . time to speak up

Rye's Town Meeting is looming - this is your chance to find out what is going on and voice your opinions. It's an election year and town and district councillors will be looking for your vote as well as your MP candidates.

Prayers answered at St Anthony’s

An audience of more than 50 parishioners burst into spontaneous applause at the news that a new priest will be appointed to the Catholic church of St Anthony of Padua following the unexpected departure of Father Paul Clarke, scotching rumours that the church might close

Brewery Yard site for sale

The Brewery Yard Club at King Street, Landgate is up for sale. But its history and its links with the Royal British Legion and their previous assets are interesting. The Brewery Yard Club broke away from the RBL in 2006 and some Legion records, photographs and trophies have never been seen since

Rye Show in new hands

Rye's hospital is to focus its money-making energies on its summer fete. For 10 years its big fundraiser has been the Rye Show but trustees have decided to let another charity benefit instead

Let’s go to the movies!

50 shades of naughtiness comes to Rye (pictured above). Why not whip up to the Kino for a cheeky peek from this Friday? Delve further to see our overview of films showing in Rye over the next week, together with links to trailers.

Alternative catwalk will be a lark

If you think those skinny models are just not your size and shape, an alternative catwalk may be the answer, with up-cycled clothes and accessories .

Who and what is in your past?

Rye Partnership will be running a family history course at Tilling Green Community Centre, Mason Road on March 9 and 10. Although this is...

Vine bar to open soon

La Maison du Vin Wine Bar and Antiques is opening soon at the White Vine House, 24 High Street, Rye, where the Ambrette restaurant...

RDC ‘fails again’ to care for tower

Years of neglect of Rye's Landgate tower ended last week with high-pressure blasts of water to dislodge pigeon waste. But was it the right course of action? Andy Stuart challenges the view that Rother councillors have protected this Grade 1 listed building. The clean-up, he claims, is an object lesson in how not to look after an historic monument

Landgate probe to follow clean-up

A long overdue survey of the condition of the Landgate Arch has now been commissioned. This week's removal of pigeon guano should give an "all clear" safety signal and allow the investigation to proceed.

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