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Where BT Infinity takes an eternity

Frustration is building among residents of Vidler Square in Valley Park. Months after moving into new homes, BT is still unable to provide them with a phone line let alone high-speed broadband. Instead it offers excuse after excuse. This is the story so far - because BT isn't too hot at communicating

Maynard v Hopkins: round 2

Carl Maynard, Conservative leader of Rother council, is doing his best to dilute the effects of a second rebuke from Kris Hopkins, the Tory Minister for Local Government. At the heart of the exchange is a dispute about council transparency. Maynard clearly believes this latest rebuke is badly timed: not only does it come from a fellow member of the Conservative Party but it is also just a few weeks away from local and general elections on May 7

Why I blossom this time of year

It's spring. That doesn't really count with columnist Britainy Rae. But she finds the flowers just intoxicating. We have some serious horticultural talent in this little town, she says. Get involved!

Record set at Swap Shop

The first recycle swap shop of 2015 set a new record for the amount brought. Trained volunteers were there, as well, to give advice on how to save energy and cut energy bills. Mike Pepler reports.

Public ballot on car park row

Is Icklesham Parish Council proposing to write an open cheque to Rother District Council for the next century? Residents angry at the suggestion of taking over unknown costs to run Rye Harbour car park and public toilets have called a Parish Poll

Free home repairs by Rother?

Does your house have loose tiles? Are there windows that need replacing? Worried about the expense? Well, why not hoist the cost onto Rother District Council? That's what an Icklesham parish councillor and former mayor of Winchelsea has managed to do

‘You must lobby’ for rail upgrade

Following her detailed briefing to the annual meeting of the MarshLink Action Group about the proposed Javelin rail service, Lisa Goodman, senior development manager at Network Rail, took questions from the floor, during which she stressed the importance of applying political pressure

An expert eye on Javelin’s future

The future of our rural economy hinges, some believe, on faster rail links with London. One of the leading figures involved in evaluating a 90mph Javelin service to Rye has just given a briefing on how Network Rail is weighing up the options that confront those wanting to make it a reality. Lisa Goodman was rich in detail. Nick Taylor gives a detailed report on the technical issues she discussed

Southern Rail excuses fall flat

Commuters from Rye have been angered for months by cancellations of services and the shortcomings of rolling stock. Southern Rail sent an executive to soothe members of the MarshLink Action Group at its annual meeting last week. But the efforts were derailed - for once, not by a failed diesel unit

Let’s go to the movies!

This week's featured film showing at the Rye Kino is ‘Suite Francaise’ (pictured above) - after the screening on Saturday March 28, actor Clare Holman and screen-writer Matt Charman will be at Kino to answer your questions and talk about the making of the film. Read on for reviews and links to trailers

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