Monthly Archives: June 2015

Scooters rally to Camber

Soul music will compete with the throb of Vespa engines in Camber this weekend when the annual scooter rally takes place at Pontin’s, writes...

Dan’s 52 not quite enough

Rye's 1st XL travelled to local rivals Crawley looking to extend there winning run, whilst the 2nd XL hosted Crowhurst Park 2nd XL. Read Martin Blincows report here

A great year for the beach boys

A great season for Rye Bay Football club ends with a fun day as the clubs holds its presentation day at its newly redecorated club house. Read Rhoda Parry's report here

Potholes: the scales of absurdity

Once upon a time, after the Germans bombed us rotten, it was thought that the state of our roads was down to the war. Or so the thinking went in Kent. Well that county's roads are a lot better these days. But here in East Sussex, here in Rye? John Howlett shares some more wry thoughts

Roadworks arrive at hospital

The roadworks along the A268 are provoking more confusion and complaints writes Charles Harkness

Sheep and others flock to Rye

Rye's fame is spreading with recent commendations in national newspapers and as far away as Japan (as shown in the brochure above). Even Shaun the Sheep has been in town, posing for selfies with the cannons in the Gun Garden by the Ypres Tower

Naughty cow takes the cornet

Ice cream van Maisie Moo is in the Town Hall's bad books. Under Section 148 of the Highways Act, it can be illegal to...

Open gardens are inspiring

Seven gardens were open last weekend at Playden, including Point Lodge, Maytham Cottage, Cherries in Saltcote Lane, the Old Rectory and two in Fair...

Rye Partnership faces questions

This week's meeting of Rye Partnership might have raised more questions than answers though at least some facts were established. The long-awaited website, still isn't there. But will be "soon" promises a caption for those who venture to find it

Surrey raiders clean up at fete

As usual, the annual Northiam fete was a triumph, with crowds of people piling in from all over the country to enjoy the best...

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