Let’s go to the movies!

Our weekly look ahead at films showing at Rye Kino. Featured this week is Kenneth Branagh's enchanting new 'Cinderella' (pictured above). Watch Ella's fortunes change after meeting a dashing stranger! Read on for reviews and links to trailers . . .

Waterloo leads next month

More than 23,000 visitors went round the Ypres Tower last year and this year the East Street Museum is featuring a display on Waterloo as part of Rye Arts Festival in September.

Sara’s got talent enough

The first ever "Rye's Got Talent" took place on Friday October 23 and showcased an array of talent . . . and a seven year old stole the show

Music gets crowded out

Sometimes success can be a problem - particularly if you need space.

Chamber music goes to school

Chamber music is not just for highbrows – children get a kick out of composing and performing in public too

Poetry, music and wine at Danny’s

Fun, laughter and friends at Danny's Olde Worlde Wines (first Sunday in the month), and later at the Ypres

Blue sashes are off

A small band of volunteers helped make Rye Arts Festival a success in a very modest way, with the aid of a flashy sash

Let’s go to the movies!

Tom Hanks stars in the real-life story of airline pilot "Sully" Sullenberger, who in 2009 landed his stricken plane on the icy waters of New York's Hudson River, saving the lives of all 155 people aboard

Everybody came dancing!

Rye Dance Centre students put on a spectacular show as part of the Arts Festival

Hastings hosts dragtastic eco show

Get on your bike, the train or take the bus to a fabulous new show

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