Community spirit at its best


On Saturday, June 2 the South Undercliff allotment community held one of their regular barbecues. Brenda Caple, who prepared most of the tasty salads, said that they usually organise four each year.

Brenda Caple on left and Judith Gibson helping themselves.

Individuals brought their chosen meat and everyone paid the very reasonable price of £2.50 for the other food available. For dessert there were a variety of delicious cakes. Any funds left over go towards the next event.
The area we sat, ate and drank in is a piece of land on the allotment where members can relax and harvest the fruit from the planted trees. It was a lovely atmosphere with an eclectic group of people mingling and having a laugh. Luckily it was a balmy evening which made it all the more enjoyable.

Photos: Kevin McCarthy

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