Every picture tells a story


Finding something to photograph is often more luck than judgement and when you do, the sun is often in the wrong position or there’s something in the way which you don’t want to include in the shot, but walking around Rye early on a Sunday morning it’s surprising what you notice.

The bin men were hard at it fighting the relentless and ongoing battle with the seagulls, who continue to litter the streets with the contents of the bins, there were a few visitors around, taking in the sights before the hordes descend and only a few cars parked along the High Street.

One of them caught my eye, a rather nice dark blue Mercedes convertible, not unusual to see one of these in Rye I know, but the distinctive number plate was a bit of a give away,  L12 WAV (LIZ WAV) which I understand belongs to Elizabeth Smith of Waves Estates (that was) but it was empty so I kept on walking.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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