Grace’s Remembrance tribute


Rye Primary School’s wreath this year had a special attachment – poems by the two head pupils of the school. Here is one of them, Grace’s poem, which was particularly commended:

The poppies may grow,
Covering the once barren and stark battlefield
The poppies may grow,
Smothering the sound of firing guns,
The poppies may grow,
Covering row upon row of crosses,
Though we are dead, we are alive,
For it is we who make the poppies grow.

“I wrote this poem last year after school one day, we were looking at different types of poetry and also learning about life in the trenches in the First World War,” says Grace. “We were asked to write a figurative poem, full of emotive language about the war. We used examples like Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen”.

[Editor’s note: We have used Grace’s first name only and not added her surname in order to comply with the policy of Rye Primary School]

Photo: John Hart

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  1. Wonderful to hear of young people embracing the concept of Remembrance. I sometimes wonder what all those men carved on the Memorial would think if they knew that 100 years on, the Community were still pledging “to remember them”

    President Rye RBL


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