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Yvonne Zackim, is a Registered Animal Healer, Canine Flow Practitioner and Canine Hynotherapist.

She has been a resident in Rye now for nearly 5 years and in that time has enjoyed sharing her passion with many of the dog and horse owners that live in and around Rye.

Yvonne opened up a Natural Healing clinic called The Dog House at the top of Rope Walk in 2015 but had to close last year after being involved in a serious road traffic accident.

She am now back and offering RelaxDog classes in Rye Community Centre. every other Wednesday during the winter months from 6-7pm.

Yvonne Zackim talking to a client

So what is RelaxDog classes? Put simply….Care done differently.

What makes RelaxDog different? What principles does she aim to share, experience and understand in her techniques with dogs?

Dogs are feeling rather than thinking Beings.

RelaxDog focuses on a dog’s feelings, their emotions, as the true driver of your dogs behaviours. What they may be thinking or whether they think or not is not the focus. How they feel is.

Dogs act to exchange, rebalance and ground energies, they see, feel, hear or sense in their many unique ways, an example of this is when a dog shows what is perceived to be aggression, is actually a dog grounding sensed energy. No personal thought about ill-will is every present.

Dogs and owners are reflections of one another.

Veterinary nurse Jess demonstrates to the group

The dog has the biggest heart per body mass of any animal. This enables them to connect with us in ways other creatures do not. Dogs really feel what we feel, they literally take on, or become, the emotions we carry. Both our emotions are felt consciously but far more influential to them are those we carry subconsciously, the emotions that underline our own choices and behaviours.

RelaxDog classes work on the state of being outside of the behaviour. Encouraging expression of and flow of emotions.

Rather than focusing on a specific behaviour or how to manage it at the time it is occurring, the aim is to transform anything that may be contributing to the behaviour choice being made.

The techniques used reduce restrictions and control, rather than encourage it. A dog is never trying to be in charge, or dominant as it is often labeled, he simply has a charge of emotional energy which for any number of reasons was or is blocked from allowing his energy to flow which leads to undesirable behaviour.

Celebrating new arrival at Rye RelaxDog

As owners it is our act of care to ensure they do not become blocked, to understand them and release any block in their flow that is already present when we meet them.

RelaxDog aims to use some of the strongest aspects such as gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance. Peace is created by being peaceful. Ultimately the aim for all control is actually to feel at peace.

Healthy Dog…Happy You encourages the concept of being the peace you wish to feel and has found that by putting the being part first, changes happen effortlessly.

Feelings can be transformed using RelaxDogs specialised energy techniques, as long as the correct intentions are used. Owners, we are encouraged to move beyond their own limiting beliefs to provide intentions that open up potentials to build equality for them and their dog rather than separation.

1-1 sessions, are also offered. For further information please contact me at

Yvonne is the author of Healthy Dog…Happy You! a book that lists some of the holistic therapies that are available for your dog and what they can be used for. A great stocking filler. You can order from her Facebook Group, Healthy Dog Happy You, or from Amazon £4.95 + pp

Classes are also held in Brede Village Hall every other Tuesday during the winter so you can come to a class every week if you wish to.

Source: Yvonne Zackim

Image Credits: Yvonne Zackim .

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  1. A unique communication method, between owner and dog, enabling unwanted traits to be corrected with a natural technique.

    Also socialisation and enhancement of the owner to canine bonding ability.

    Highly recommended course for all owners, and and dogs of course!


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