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Thanks again to avid Rye News supporter Vic Vicary for putting another quiz together for us, answers are at the bottom of the page, good luck!


1. In Michael Jackson’s song Thriller, which other male singer can be heard towards the end of the song?
2. In the 60s, Mike Sarne recorded a song called Come Outside, who was the female singer who sang the duet with him?
3. Which 60s pop singer starred with John Wayne and Dean Martin in the movie, Rio Bravo?
4. Complete the lyrics from the song Johnny Remember Me by John Leyton:
When the mist is rising and the rain is falling and the wind is blowing ————?
5. Complete the lyrics from this 1967 song by the Kinks, Waterloo Sunset:
Terry meets Julie Waterloo station ————?
6. What colour were the jeans in the song Venus?
7. Who sang the 1962 UK hit Bobby’s Girl?
8. What did they wear in their hair when they went to San Francisco in 1967?
9. What did Al Capone die of?
10. Which Ford motor car made between 1950 and 1972 was named after the god of the west wind?
11. Who was the author of the comic strip Peanuts, launched in the 50s?
12. On which street in London is the headquarters of BAFTA?
13. In which 1973 film did relative unknown Ted Neeley play Jesus Christ?
14. In 1988 who sang with the Pet Shop Boys on their hit song What have I done to deserve this?
15. Complete the lyrics of ABBA’s hit Dancing Queen:
Ooh, you can dance – you can jive ————?
16. Complete the lyrics from the record Stand By Me:
When the night has come and the land is dark———?
17. What musical instrument did Eddy Calvert play ?
18. Name the record Tommy Steele and Guy Michell took to number one in 1956 and 1957?
19. How was Cliff Richards traveling when he had no comb or toothbrush in 1963?
20. Solve this anagram- two faced mole (1960s pop group)?
21. At which cricket ground did Harold ‘Dickie’ Bird umpire his last test match?
22. In golf what is meant by an albatross?
23. In 1983 Lionel Richie had a number one hit in the UK and USA but what was it?
24. With which band has Roger Daltrey been the lead singer for over 40 years?


1. Vincent Price
2. Wendy Richards
3. Ricky Nelson
4. Cold across the moor
5. Every Friday night
6. Blue
7. Susan Maugham
8. Flowers
9. Heart attack
10. Ford Zephyr
11. Charles M Schulz
12. Piccadilly
13. Jesus Christ Superstar (movie)
14. Dusty Springfield
15. Having the time of your life
16. And the moon is the only light you see
17. Trumpet
18. Singing the blues
19. Travelling light
20. Fleetwood Mac
21. Lords
22. Three under par
23. Hello
24. The Who

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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