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Time normally seems to pass so quickly but perhaps not so much at the moment. Kids are getting bored and new ideas to keep them occupied may be harder to think of so why not turn a difficult time into something positive and more memorable? Take advantage of the time we all have at the moment, get the whole family together and make a time capsule.

A time capsule is something everyone will love getting involved with, just think how amazing will it will be to open it in 10 years time and see how much life has changed! Lets all go back to the future and make a time capsule, here are a few tips to get you started.

An old cinema ticket would be something to put in your time capsule.

1: Choose where to hide your time capsule

You can choose to make a “buried” time capsule or store your items in a sealed container and hide it in your house. If you do choose to bury your capsule, you’ll want to ensure the container is strong, weather-proof, airtight and water-tight.
If you store your capsule outside, in a garage, shed or buried, creepy crawlies may find access to your capsule and damage it if its not protected. Celebrate your time capsule and make it a fun event for the whole family to enjoy.

Keep a record of today’s petrol prices in your capsule.

2: Pick your time capsule container

Plastic and metal are good choices for holding your treasures, you’ll need to choose a capsule that’s durable, airtight and weather-resistant especially if you plan to bury your capsule or store it for over ten years. Get the whole family in on the brainstorming, kids might want to include a figure or a toy from their favourite film or book. Include an overview of current events too, newspaper or magazine can remind you of what was happening in the world when you created your capsule.

3: Choose what to put in it

Why not write down the prices of a litre of petrol for example, a pint of milk, a cinema ticket, it’s fun to see how prices change over the years. Include lists of your favourites, likes and dislikes, your favourite song, subject in school, book and film. Why not include hand prints and the heights and weights of all the family? Photos, scrapbooks and small items are great additions. Each person could write a letter to their future self, what do you hope to achieve by the time you open your capsule?

How much was milk when you put together your capsule?

4: Set a time frame
How long do you plan to hide your time capsule? Use a future milestone and set a time to open the capsule on a date you’ll remember as a family. They are great for birthday celebrations or anniversaries, there’s no set time frame for sealing your capsule, but usually at least ten years should pass to make it interesting and fun to open.

5: Seal it and set a date!
Besides opening it, the best time to enjoy your capsule is when you close it up. Get the family together and all take part in the process. You may want to include a list with a short explanation of each item inside then tuck the precious cargo into your storage container and close it. Place your time capsule in its home and write the date on the outside: “Do not open until January 1, 2030.” Someone should also be appointed as the capsule master to oversee the process and to make sure the capsule gets moved and not forgotten about, should you move house.

Get the family to add their handprints to your capsule.

6: The grand opening!
When the time comes to open it you could throw a party or get-together, or just open it as a family. Think of the fun you’ll have looking at each item in your very own time capsule! Time capsules are a wonderful and unique way to memorialize your family and capture what’s truly important to each of you. Also a way of recording events at the time to reflect on in future years, be the memories good or not so good.

Image Credits:, Clint Hilbert / Pixabay, Karsten Paulick / Pixabay, Daria Yakovleva / Pixabay, Karen Arnold / Pixabay

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