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Abigail Cooper-Hansen and Susan Benn are continuing to explore new ways to get healthier in 2023. This week, Abigail decided to try a class at the Elysian Centre.

Bella Griffith holds Qi Gong classes every week. She comes from a family of health practitioners and is also qualified in reflexology and shiatsu massage. She has been in practice since 2001 – impossible to believe, given the energy and youth that she brings to every class.

What is Qi Gong?

It is an ancient (4,000 year old) Asian practice of creating energy inside ourselves; with a focus on aligning breath, movement and healing, given its slow, gentle, yet deep muscle-movements. Practitioners believe it can help people improve their health: by reducing blood pressure, bouncing back from injury and even helping to fight disease.

Bella’s classes are an hour long. She will speak about “flow” as she guides you through her programmes. Most of the class is done standing – which is perfect if you find getting down and up from the ground difficult. Bella says: “We are primarily encouraging lots of flow through the body via the breath and simple repetitive and fluid movements that work in synchronicity to generate lots of energy, expansion of mind and body, flexibility and general wellness. It’s a gentle but deep exercise, working within your physical parameters so as not to cause damage.“

What does it feel like to experience her classes?

This exercise involves gentle arm, body and leg motions. At first, it may feel slightly embarrassing to be moving around like this… but, as you continue to focus and mentally relax too, you begin to feel yourself slowly letting go of tightness in all your joints. You begin to feel your neck and shoulders loosening. You also build awareness of how deep you are breathing. And at the end of the hour, your body feels warmer, your finger tips tingle, and it feels like your body is learning how to carry itself in a more relaxed, upright way.

Bella holds Qi Gong classes at the Elysian Centre on Wednesdays 9am – 10am and offers reflexology and homeopathy on alternate Fridays 1:30pm – 7pm.  Please contact Bella for her availability individually and in her classes:  Tel: 07852 427821 or

Image Credits: Abigail Cooper-Hansen .

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