Sloe gin competition


All with a good constitution are welcome to sip, swirl and sniff their way through the sloe gin home brew entries on Wednesday, March 1, at the Waterworks Micropub. If you have not drunk all your home brew sloe gin why not enter the competition?

They are superior to commercially produced branded sloe gin liqueurs which are made by flavouring cheaper neutral grain spirits, producing an inferior flavour akin to a fruit cordial taste.

The maximum alcohol strength of your sloe gin is entirely dependent on the strength of the gin you put in, and is probably slightly reduced by volume by the sugar and sloe juices. Sloe gin should be treated the same as normal gin, with a single shot being 25ml and a double 50ml. It has alcohol content between 15 and 30 percent by volume however it has been established a minimum of 25% ABV is needed for it to be named sloe gin.

Sloe gin is relatively easy to make, although it is a long process.

Image Credits: Pavlofox / Pixabay Pixabay .

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