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Got time for a little head scratching? Thanks to Rye News supporter Vic Vicary for sending in the attached quiz on pop music from the 50s to the 80s and a bit of general knowledge thrown into the mix. I hope you enjoy it, answers are at the bottom of the page, good luck!

1 What was Elvis’s job before he shot to fame?
2 In which movie does Elvis sing Wooden Heart?
3 Who felt he was on the Eve of destruction?
4 What was Simon & Garfunkel’s first UK top 10 hit?
5 What type of music is Slim Whitman known for?
6 Who is Doris Kappelhoff better known as?
7 Which playing card gave Lonnie Donnie a hit?
8 Who had a number one hit with Young Love in 1957?
9 What was the best selling record in the UK in 1960?
10 What was the Beach Boys first top ten UK hit?
11 In 1961 who had 100lbs of clay?
12 What did Sammy Davis lose in a car crash?
13 What girl made a fool of Neil Sedaka?
14 Who spent seven drunken nights in 1967?
15 Who had a 60s hit with Rescue Me?
16 Who was Echo’s backing group?
17 Who were Marion Ryan’s sons?
18 Which state is ‘almost heaven’ for John Denver?
19 Who told us he was an Innocent Man?
20 Who was the ‘oldest swinger in town’ in 1981?

1 Truck driver
2 GI Blues
3 Barry McGuire
4 Homeward bound
5 Country & western
6 Doris Day
7 Jack of diamonds
8 Tab Hunter
9 It’s now or never (Elvis )
10 Surfing USA
11 Craig Douglas
12 An eye
13 Carol
14 The Dubliners
15 Fontella Bass
16 The Bunnymen
17 Paul & Barry Ryan
18 West Virginia
19 Billy Joel
20 Fred Wedlock

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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