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A brand-new weight loss programme that gives users access to personalised coaching through specially trained health mentors, who are on hand to support by phone as needed,
is being made available free to residents of East Sussex.

Healthy lifestyle and wellbeing service provider One You East Sussex (OYES) is rolling out Gloji, a programme that has been funded as part of the government’s adult weight management services grant. It is fully funded for residents of East Sussex, meaning they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a try.

“Gloji offers a completely personalised approach, where we focus on the individual and their particular journey,” explains Dan Ford, engagement lead, OYES. Based on psychology, we look at why you have gained the weight in the first place to unpick unhealthy habits.”

But Gloji is about much more than just weight loss, helping individuals understand how external factors like stress and sleep impact their weight. It also provides practical tools plus an online wealth of inspiration, tailored specifically to the needs of the individual.

Gloji is available as a digital programme with an online platform that can be accessed on most devices, meaning the programme can be easily incorporated into any busy work/life schedule.

“No complicated, restrictive diet plans. It is focused on understanding your body, so you can lose weight permanently without needing a plan. We’ll empower you to make lifestyle choices that mean your weight loss becomes permanent weight loss. Gloji is an exciting new service that helps you lose weight and keep it off, based on the latest science of what it takes to change behaviours,” adds Dan.

We teach you how to no longer need us. So, once you’ve finished our programme you can carry on losing weight without us because you know how.

For more information, or to sign up for free visit

The adult weight management services grant has distributed more than £30 million of new funding between local authorities in England. The health survey for England in 2019 estimated that 28.0% of adults were obese and a further 36.2% were overweight but not obese. If replicated across the county, this could mean as many as 126,000 obese adults and 163,000 overweight adults in East Sussex.

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