Time for walking and cycling

Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down and brought worry and heart-ache for many. As a keen cyclist and walker though, I’d suggest that some good has also emerged from lockdown – with many more people out walking and cycling.

And, surprising though it may seem, our general activity levels have risen during lockdown – and there have been less hospital admissions due to heart attacks and strokes. Walkers have discovered new footpaths to explore, and families have gone cycling together, whereas previously they would have been afraid of heavy traffic.

The Sustrans web site has excellent guidance for families riding together and returning cyclists, whatever their age, might benefit from the many Bikeability videos on road positioning (search ‘Bikeability’ on YouTube).

Now that the government has announced ambitious targets and extra funding for cycling and walking infrastructure, hopefully we can carry forward the benefits of fresh air, exercise and reduced pollution that have arisen from this otherwise difficult period in our communities.

Image Credits: Sue Burton .

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