Veg of hope


It is a joy in life to have beautiful fresh produce delivered to your door. During lockdown many of us perhaps discovered this for the first time. Imagine combining this with knowing that you are contributing to one of the most worthwhile local charities that provides organic produce to local vulnerable groups.

Guy, the Hands of Hope gardener, delivering produce

Hands of Hope donates regularly to Rye Food Bank and other community support groups. Hands of Hope have now introduced a fruit and vegetable delivery scheme. From July, seasonal goods can be delivered to your door and you can enjoy fresh produce knowing it is good for you and kinder to the environment.

You can order a veg box from Hands of Hope here:

The first delivery will be on July 9 and from then on you can subscribe for a regular delivery.

If you would like to volunteer  please contact Hands of Hope:


Image Credits: Hands of Hope .

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