A quick quiz to test the grey matter


Thanks again to quizmaster and avid Rye News supporter Vic Vicarey for taking the time and trouble to put this quick quiz together, a bit of fun and something to think about. You will find the answers below the photograph, good luck!

1. What is a Jersey Royal?
2. What is the square root of 225?
3. Charles Bronson, James Garner, Steve McQueen and Robert Vaughn. Which one of these actors did not star in the 60s movie The Magnificent 7?
4. Whose chat show preceded Graham Norton’s BBC late night Friday slot?
5. Bullseye was a dog belonging to Bill Sykes in which Charles Dickens novel?
6. Which of the Great Lakes in North America claims to have the greatest surface area?
7. Christian Barnard was the first man to perform what in 1967?
8. Condors are classified among which bird type?
9. Which female actress, born on November 23 1956 starred in the film 10?
10. Who was the only Liverpool player in the England 1966 World Cup winning team?
11. Who had a number one hit single in 1979 with a song about a school shooting in San Diego?
12. What did Tiger Roll win in April 2018?
13. Which group took the song Little Red Rooster to number one in 1964?
14. Which rock star played Australian bushranger outlaw Ned Kelly in a 1970 film?
15. Which DJ’s voice was the first heard on Radio 1?
16. “I walk the line” was a 2005 country music film about the life of the ‘man in black’. Who was he?
17. Vodka with cranberry juice and grapefruit is a cocktail known by what name?
18. Which country produces the most bananas?
19. Who would you get to shoe your horse?
20. If you train for a LAMA what do you aspire to be?
21. Who was the first female DJ to host the Radio 1 breakfast show?
22. Can you unravel this anagram and name a 1960s pop group? Sourness of hate
23. Which film tells the story of Sally Bowles?
24. What female pop singer starred in the iconic film “To Sir with Love”?
25. Using the photo below can you answer a) Where it is?  b}What year was it? c) Who was the leading actor? d) What was the name of the film?


1. Potato
2. 15
3. James Garner
4. Jonathan Ross
5. Oliver Twist
6. Lake Superior
7. Heart Transplant
8. Vultures
9. Bo Derek
10. Roger Hunt
11. Boomtown Rats
12. Grand National
13. The Rolling Stones
14. Mick Jagger
15. Tony Blackburn
16. Johnny Cash
17. Sea Breeze
18. India
19. A farrier
20. An actor
21. Zoe Ball
22. The Four Seasons
23. Cabaret
24. Lulu
25. a) The Strand, Rye  b) 1958 c) John Mills  d) Dunkirk (filmed in Rye and Camber)

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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