An autobiographical artist


We have reached our penultimate profile of a member of the Rye Society Artists (RSA). Rye News originally begun these profiles forty weeks ago to celebrate the launch of the RSA’s new website.

Where possible we have included links to the artists’ website and social media accounts so you can keep up-to-date on their activities. Remember you will be able to view some of the RSA member’s work at their 70th Anniversary Summer Show  August 7 – 29. This week, the artist in focus is Lorna Vahey, BA F/A, NEAC

Born 1946, Pett, near Hastings. The paintings are predominantly narrative and autobiographical. Lorna has worked as a conservator, gilder, lacquer-worker, teacher and painter.

You can see more of Lorna’s work on the RSA’s website

Image Credits: Lorna Vahey .


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