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Andrew Blyth

To celebrate the launch of the Rye Society of Artists’ (RSA) new website, and in advance of the RSA’s 70th Anniversary Summer Show in 2021, Rye News continues to profile one of their artists each week – including links to their website and social media accounts so you can keep up-to-date on their activities.

This week, the artist in focus is Andrew Blyth

Andrew enjoyed an exciting career as an architect until retiring in the 1990s in order to devote himself to his love of watercolour painting.

Andrew’s painting is concerned with creating a dynamic balance between the factual elements of his subjects and the free-flowing and spontaneous rendering of light.

His subject matter is varied and often explores abstract qualities.

You can also find more of Andrew’s work on his own website and RSA website.

Image Credits: Andrew Blyth .


  1. After retirement in Rye, Andrew kept his architectural hand in by working as a volunteer trustee of Rye Art Gallery. In that capacity he was responsible for the detailed design of the linking of the Stormont and Easton Rooms complex. The work earnt the Trust a Sussex Architectural award and is much admired by all those who visit the gallery today.

    Anthony Kimber PhD
    Former Chair Rye Art Gallery Trust


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