Carly and audience rock on

Carly's enthusiasm is catching

Carly Bryant came to town on Saturday February 1 and rocked with her band at the Milligan Theatre, Rye Academy in Love Lane. The concert sold out very quickly and people queued well before the opening time. It was an eclectic audience but mostly of a certain age, not many locals but many from her Marsh choirs which she set up in 2019, the seventh of which is in Rye.

Audience participation, totally in her thrall

Carly, a singer, pianist and song writer has toured across Europe, the USA, South America and Brazil performing in various venues and festivals. She is not afraid to be bold, finding her way through various music genres from powerful rock through New Wave and into punk. Her enthusiasm, inclusiveness and energy was infectious and the band Tony Remy (guitar), Dal David  (bass) and Adam Bushell (drums) as well as the audience responded.

Carly invited the individuals from the choirs to sing with her a song everyone had learned, including harmonies. There must have been at least 100-150 people from the various choirs singing “I hear the sun is shining” (Bob Dylan sang it) It was a wonderful and joyful sound. The evening was a real treat. To keep in touch with Carly’s projects go to her website.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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