Closed but not forgotten

Rye Heritage Centre, your help is needed to bring the building back to life.

The Rye Heritage Centre (RHC) on Strand Quay may look unloved and forgotten about, but nothing could be further from the truth as behind the scenes the staff and Trustees are beavering away with a view to relaunching later in the year.

It is surprising how much red tape has to be waded through when setting up a new charity, but thankfully the team is passionate about the RHC and what it means to the town and people of Rye and remain completely focussed on making the best use of the space available, the penny arcade machines, and of course the Rye Town Model and light show.

The Rye Town Model is an amazing achievement which will eventually be accessible to all once more

Obviously, very little has been able to be done internally due to the lockdown and then socially distancing restrictions but, with most of the rubbish and paperwork accumulated over the years and stored there now gone, plans are being discussed to refresh the interior with a view to once again making the Rye Heritage Centre the must see, top of the list attraction for the many thousands of visitors from home and abroad who will eventually return to Rye.

Watch this space for further updates and information and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as it is considered safe and practicable.

Image Credits: Nick Forman , Colm Doherty .


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