Criminal’s Costner in Camber

The beach at Camber is often used as a film set

There were fluttering hearts among some dog walkers at Camber on Wednesday and Thursday as Hollywood A-lister Kevin Costner cavorted on the sandy beach with his friends Tommy Lee Jones and Ryan Reynolds. The three actors were on location for their latest film, the thriller Criminal. As one woman walking on the beach was heard to say “It’s Kevin Costner, why didn’t I put my make-up on!”

Criminal is the story of a prisoner who has implanted into him the knowledge and skills of a deceased CIA operative. The idea is to help subvert a diabolical plot. But the information comes with a few secrets. The result is – well you’ll have to wait to see the film, which also stars British actors Gary Oldman and Alice Eve.

Costner is a double Oscar winner and is a fan of Arsenal football club. Jones, who won an Oscar for his role in The Fugitive, is a Spurs fan, although that’s the San Antonio Spurs basketball team rather than the football club. Canadian Reynolds who hails from Vancouver played the lead role in The Green Lantern.

The three stars, following the likes of George Clooney and Matt Damon, stayed at the George hotel and hotel staff and locals said the trio were absolutely charming.