‘Dance Diagonal’ in colour

Wonderful colours to dress the Towner Gallery
Lothar Gotz’s stunning artwork

The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne has commissioned a temporary art work which has transformed the exterior walls of the gallery into a large-scale colourful, geometric mural called Dance Diagonal. It will be on view till May 31, 2020.

The German artist, Lothar Götz, who lives in the UK, was selected from 60 artists and designers to create this striking, bright colour scheme which pulls one’s eye to a point in the sky. This art work was commissioned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the gallery’s move from its original home in Eastbourne’s Old Town. Unfortunately no other artwork of Götz was on show.

However, there was an interesting exhibition called “Ten” which is on until Sunday, November 10. A group from Towner’s team who have worked and volunteered at the gallery since 2009 have curated the exhibit from the works in the permanent collection that have been acquired in the past 10 years.

For any further information please visit the gallery website.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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