Discover Mapp and Lucia’s Rye

Cast and crew mingle in Market Street which was brilliantly recreated as Tilling's High Street for the BBC's filming of "Mapp and Lucia"

Are you a lover of the entertaining Mapp and Lucia books by EF Benson? Have you wondered where Mr and Mrs Wyse lived? Where did Lucia and Georgie stay on their first visit? How could Miss Mapp spy on so many people?

If so, you can find out the answers to this and more by taking a guided walk round Rye, looking at the houses and places associated with the Mapp and Lucia novels, see where the various incidents in the books took place as well as taking in aspects of EF Benson’s life. In addition, you can also look at the houses and some of the locations used in both the C4 the BBC TV series.

Public Walks

The walk, guided by Allan Downend, the secretary of the EF Benson Society, lasts about 1 hour 45 minutes. There are two public walks to be held on Saturday, June 4 and Saturday, August 27 at 2pm, costing £9 per person (no need to book). Walks at other times are bookable through the secretary on a day that suits (by telephone 01797-223114 or via e-mail using:

The walk starts at the Lookout at the eastern end of the High Street, the viewing point with the telescope for looking over the Romney Marsh and the blue plaque stating the viewing point was given by EF Benson.

It ends at Lamb House, the home of EF Benson, and a National Trust property. For opening hours see:

Lamb House, home of Henry James and EF Benson

To those familiar with Rye, some of the Tilling houses and locations where various events took place in the Mapp and Lucia novels may be easily recognisable, but perhaps others less so. Whether you know the town and the books well or not, a guided walk around the town by the secretary of the EF Benson Society, Allan Downend, is bound to be fascinating and enjoyable.

Image Credits: Rye News library , Juliet Duff .


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