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Twenty six questions to test your knowledge.

1. Best known for his novel “Doctor Zhivago” and who refused the Nobel Prize for Literature?
2. One of the possible origins of the name of which dance is from a word meaning ‘rubbing navels together’?
3. Who wrote “The Witches of Eastwick”?
4. The eoli and the morlocks feature in which book by H.G. Wells?
5. ‘No Line on the Horizon’ is a 2009 album by which group?
6. Which lady is credited with creating Rupert Bear?
7. Which mass murderer was the subject of the film ’10 Rillington Place’?
8. Alas! Poor Yorick! I knew him …… the next Shakespearean word please?
9. Verdi’s opera ‘Aida’ is set in which country?
10. Under which name did Leonard Sly become famous?
11. What was the first name of Capt. Mainwaring in Dad’s Army?
12. Who was the last member of the Beatles (just the Fab Four) to marry?
13. Which literary title character lived on Grimpen Mire?
14. What Ballet tells the story of Franz who falls in love with mechanical doll believing her to be a real woman?
15. Which Italian artist painted ‘Head of Medusa’?
16. The song ‘You must love me’ has won an Oscar for best original song – it comes from what musical ?
17. English poet Shelley was born in which West Sussex town/city?
18. What song written in 1953 by American George Cory, very popular with crooners, starts with the line ‘The loveliness of Paris seems somehow
sadly gay’?
19. Which English artist lived at Schomberg House, 80 Pall Mall, London from 1774 until he died there in 1788?
20. What did Peter Fluck and Roger Law bring to our television screens in 1984?
21. Which famous concert venue is situated on 7th Avenue, New York, two blocks South of Central Park?
22. Who was the first black/coloured performer to top the UK singles chart?
23. Susan Boyle has released her first single ‘Wild Horses’ but who wrote and recorded it originally?
24. Launcelot Gobbo was servant to whom?
25. Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ is credited to two composers, Claude Francois and who?
26. Which composer’s 4th symphony is called ‘Tragic?’


1. Boris Pasternak
2. Samba
3. John Updike
4. The Time Machine
5. U2
6. Mary Tourtel
7. John Christie
8. Horatio
9. Egypt
10. Roy Rogers
11. George
12. Paul McCartney
13. The Hound Of The Baskervilles
14. Coppelia
15. Caravaggio
16. Evita
17. Horsham
18.’I left my heart in San Francisco’
19. Thomas Gainsborough
20. Spitting Image
21. Carnegie Hall
22. Winifred Atwell
23. Rolling Stones
24. Shylock
25. Paul Anka
26. Schubert

Image Credits: Monica Volpin / Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/rio-carnival-sambodromo-carnival-1084648/.


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