Illuminating dark days

Clare's glasswork

Clare and Maggie are two highly creative individuals who have chosen to come together to showcase their work at the Red Door Gallery in Rye  in an exhibition from Wednesday, September 16 to Friday, September 18. Clare works with glass and her work is made up predominantly of pressed glass and stained glass and Maggie’s work is in textiles with heat pressed chiffon scarfs and upcycled saris. The thing that combines the two mediums is the colour, pattern and textures which should brighten the dark days we find ourselves in.

They chose Rye for its vibrant town and many creative opportunities. These weeks were originally to be the arts festival bringing together the creative worlds. Unfortunately that’s not happening but they were looking forward to this shared opportunity so much they decided to carry on, saying:

“It will be an adventure, and we love adventures. The Red Door Gallery gives artists like us a chance to showcase in a professional gallery, what’s not to like”.

Clare studied three dimensional design at West Surrey College of Art and Design, and Maggie studied clothing manufacture and textiles production in the Scottish border area. After working in their own industries they eventually came together while teaching in Uckfield, and Rye Studio.

They said: “It’s amazing how much you learn when teaching. As you encourage students (up to A level) to develop new techniques and take creative risks you find yourself on the same journey and learn from them. Multiply this by the many students we have taught and you develop your ‘well’ of creativity and knowledge to a ‘lake’”. Many of their students have gone on to study at degree and masters level across the country and abroad. They are very proud of their achievements, but now it is their own time.

Bringing colour and light

This exhibition for them is the beginning of something new, exciting and creative. Colour and light is the moment to shine and expose their work to the world of creativity, through glass and textiles. These are very different mediums, but there is a joy to the the combination of soft flowing chiffon and rich expressive brittleness of glass.

Both Maggie and Clare since leaving teaching are now living their dreams with studios in their gardens. Their worlds have been turned upside down and their discovery of colour and pattern has re-emerged into this exhibition.

Covid-19 has given them a chance to re-balance. “We have been able to take time out to stop, breathe new air into our creative worlds, bring new light into our work and illuminate the darker days.”

Prize raffle

If you tell them where you heard of this exhibition, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a piece of artwork.

Click the images in the gallery below to see larger versions.

Image Credits: Red Door Gallery , Maggie Brand .


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