The laughter and tears of real parenting


Jess Angell, a mum from Rye well known on Instagram, @Miss_Jess, was just the perfect choice of interviewer for Louise Boyce at the Brewery Yard Club as part of the Rye Arts Festival. Jess has her finger on the pulse and can empathise with mums who are juggling careers, husbands, children and their home. She does it with style. She also campaigns for better playgrounds for the children of Rye. She is a great listener and doer and has a great personality.

Louise Boyce and Jess Angell

Jess explains how it came about, “Having followed Louise Boyce aka @Mamastillgotit_ on Instagram for a while I thought it would be a great idea for her to talk about her new book and career at Rye Arts Festival.

“I offered to interview Louise as I was a fan of her work and also because I previously used to do a lot of public speaking, and I thought it would be a really fun evening and she said she would love to come to Rye!

“Although I hadn’t done any public speaking for a long time, I read Louise’s book and even listened to the audio version to find the best bits of the book to talk about with her. Louise has a very honest approach to parenting and her Instagram and book show all aspects of being a working mother of three children and her wonderful chaotic life with her husband Jesse! Louise had us all in fits of laughter telling us some of her favourite stories from the book, modelling stories and how her Instagram account was created.

“We sold out of books at the event and Louise happily signed them all (including my well read book!). I know the Rye Arts Festival would have her back when she writes her second book!

“I can say I really enjoyed the evening, giving me lots of confidence that I haven’t had since the birth of my daughter. Parenting can be very hard work and I know that it is easy to slip into being just a mother with the all consuming job of looking after our little ones. I am looking forward to doing more female focused events in Rye and if anyone has an suggestions for events please get in touch with me on Instagram @miss_jess

Louise’s Boyce said after the event: “I had the absolute delight to talk at the Rye Arts Festival with Jess in a room with such incredible women. It really felt like we were all part of a community, and I loved meeting so many of them. I’ll be back soon – Rye is stunning!”

Louise Boyce

Image Credits: Kt Bruce , Kt bruce .

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