Four happy artists

Janet Haken, one of the group of four

We had great feedback from our first ever pop-up exhibition, held at St. Mary’s Centre from 24-26 September, mounted by just the four of us: Elaine Baker, Tricia Bowler, Lindel Williams and me.

The rain stayed away, but so did a lot of visitors to Rye that weekend, either because they didn’t want to use their petrol, had no petrol and couldn’t get any, or were driving aimlessly around the area in search of petrol.

It might have been a small exhibition, but perfectly formed and with traditional, semi-abstract and abstract paintings as well as elegant, hand painted / gilded porcelain and rustic ceramic pots on offer. We will definitely be doing this again! We learnt so much and have so many new ideas we want to put into practice.

Thank you to everyone who came in and supported us, stayed and chatted, even helped out and to those discerning buyers who walked away with some original art.


Image Credits: Janet Haken .


  1. A brave pop up exhibition from Four of Tuesday Painters’ artists.
    ‘He who dares wins’.
    And they won.
    Well done.


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