How much do you know?

This building has been an auction room, and a piano museum, but what was it in the 1950s ? The answer is Ellis brothers' carpentry and joinery shop

1 How many men were in Rye police force in 1880?
2 Where was the convent school on the High St?
3 What did the Brocket Society do?
4 Where was Mr Martin’s wet fish shop?
5 Who were Capt Cory’s Own?
6 Who were Lady Warrender’s Own?
7 Where was the mission room of the Good Shepherd?
8 Where was St Andrew’s Mission Church?
9 Where was the Weslyan Mission Room?
10 St Anthony of Padua Catholic church was renamed in 1928. What was its previous name?
11 What was used as a service hospital in the 1914-1918 war?
12 St Mary’s Mens’ Club met where?
13 Were did the Royal British Legion originally hold its meetings?
14 What was the Legion Club (now the Brewery Club) previously?
15 Name the MP that Rye Masonic Lodge was called after.
16 Where was the Agricultural Hall?
17 Where was the old Bowls Club?
18 What was built across the bowling green in World War Two?
19 What was along the railway line which edged behind Bridge Place close to the old cricket pavilion?
20 What was the Tamkin?
21 Which is the odd one out and why, out of West Street, East Street, Market Street and Tower Street?
22 There are three officially named passages and one unofficially named passage. What are their names?
23 In the 1950’s who used to trade around Rye in a converted East Kent bus?
24 After a protest meeting called by Rye Gazette in 1987 what was formed?
25 Who visited Rye on April 16 1992 to open what and also unveil a plaque where?


1 Two (a superintendent and a constable)
2 Bank House which became Woolworths (now the library)
3 Discussed current affairs in 1934 at Rye Grammar School
4 Landgate (backed onto the Legion now the Brewery Club)
5 1st Rye Scouts (1903)
6 1st Rye Girl Guides (1915)
7 Wish Street
8 Rye Foreign
9 Cinque Ports Street
10 The Roman Catholic church of St Walburga
11 The Monastery
12 Old Baptist Chapel on Mermaid Street
13 Bedford Arms
14 Old carpenter’s shop
15 Wellington
16 The Dairy, now Rope Walk Shopping Arcade
17 The corner of the Salts, between the railway line and Kings Avenue by the flood bank
18 Trenches
19 Tennis courts
20 Swimming pool
21 West Street which is the only one of the four that is cobbled
22 Traders, Needles, Mermaid, (leading to the Inn) and Landgate which has no official name but locals call it Little London
23 Martin and Giles selling grocery items
24 Rye Action Group
25 The Duchess of Kent opened the technology block at the school and unveiled a plaque at Rye Heritage Centre


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