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At these extraordinary times when everyone is in lockdown, many of us are finding the days drag as our busy lives have been so dramatically interrupted. The Music Well, whose emphasis is on wellbeing through music, is finding ways to raise people’s spirits and stay connected! So we have moved everything online and we are in the process of setting up group and individual sessions.

The Music Well has been trying to stay in touch with all those who have benefitted from the work we do. Our therapists have maintained contact with some of their clients by continuing their sessions online. Many of the people, adults and children, that our therapists work with have come to rely on this intimate service and to maintain this lifeline has been invaluable.

Our singing leaders are ensuring contact by one to one sessions, singing challenges and group singing events. We are planning to start drumming / percussion groups where all are welcome to join with an “instrument” they have at hand, it could be a drum, shaker, vuvuzela, triangle or the table or kitchen sink – perhaps we could revitalize the art of spoon playing, or simply use your fingers and hands to click and clap!

Our singing leaders would like people to join their sessions. Marian will be holding a sing-a-long for primary school children on a Monday afternoon at 3:15 and Louise will be continuing her sessions throughout the week.

Our therapists, who are all members of the The British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), would be happy to work with new clients. Sessions could improve feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression.

Our website will shortly have all the information of how to join and use this period of isolation to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun!

Please look at our website for more information or email at

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