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Posted in the first year of Rye News, two questions updated. Scroll down for the answers:

Local Questions:

1 Rye Baptist Church was opened in 1906, 1908 or 1910?

2 Adams of Rye have been printers since 1803, 1823, 1853 or 1903 ?

3 Rye Golf club was formed in 1890, 1892 or 1894?

4 How many times did John Wesley visit Rye, was it 8, 10,12, or 14 times?

5 The present cannons in the Gun Garden were installed to celebrate what?

6 On Boxing Day, to score a goal, three teams in Winchelsea have to try to seize what?

7 How many times do the quarter boys on Rye church strike on the hour?

8 Which Romney Marsh landmark was opened by the Prince of Wales in 1904?

9 Rope Walk Shopping arcade: What was the name when it was built in 1873?

10 In the 1950’s how did Billy Bunter and Mr Pastry light up the town?

11 On which building is there a memorial to Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert?

12 In Rye, the lightest one weighs 6cwt 5lbs and is 1ft 7in high, the heaviest weighs 19cwt 27lbs and is 4ft high, there are eight of them in total, what are they?

13 Where is William IV’s wife still commemorated in Rye?

14 What is the most direct route from the Crown Inn to the Standard Inn?

15 There are three officially named passages and one unofficially named passage in Rye, can you name them?

16 Which very old pub was destroyed by fire in 1827 and  has a street named after it?

17 Can you name the roads or streets in Rye that are prefixed with the word ‘The’?

18  In Rye, which is the odd one out, and why: West Street, East Street, Market Street or Tower Street?

19 What is the odd one out, and why:  Lucknow Place, Bath Buildings, Bridge Place, Grove Place and Brook Row?

20 What is the most direct route from Vicarage Lane to South View?

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Local Questions Answers

1 1910
2 1853
3 1894
4 14
5 The late Queen Mothers 80th birthday (she was Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports)
6 Frenchman’s head
7 Nil (strikes on quarter past the hour)
8 Dungeness Lighthouse
9 The Agricultural Hall
10 They helped Rye Fawkes light the Rye bonfire
11 The Landgate Tower, the clock commemorates his death
12 Rye Church Bells
13 In the name of the pub Queen Adelaide
14 Cross Cinque Port street and through Needles’ Passage
15 Traders, Needles, Mermaid (leading to the hotel) Landgate no official name(little London)
16 The Red Lion, from which Lion street derives its name
17 The Grove, The Mint, The Strand, The Close
18 West Street, the only one that is cobbled
19 Bridge Place, the others have all been demolished
20 Across the church yard N.E. to S.W.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


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