Lamb Players new venue

Lamb Player holds forth

The much-missed Lamb Players finally returned to Rye last Sunday, August 11. Named after their original venue at Lamb House, they have been unable to perform there since the previous National Trust tenant (who was associated with them) left and the National Trust itself took over control of all activities there.

Music ran through the play

Bridgepoint, the new creative arts centre at St Margaret’s Terrace, Rock Channel, has come to their rescue and Francesca Rowan Plowden, co-directing with Dominic Rowan and Bobby Delaney has written “66”, a play inspired by the Hastings Tapestry, 27 embroidered panels showing English history from 1066 to 1966. Modern interjections took the story on to the present day with a definite Rye reference.

The audience sat on either side of the stage

In an effort to keep continuity of presentation with the intimate arrangement of past performances, the stage was set centrally with the audience on two opposing sides. This was quite a challenge for the actors who had to constantly rotate to make sure that both sides could hear them. The back rows, in particular, found this difficult from time to time.

A new addition and impressive centrepiece to Bridge Point

Considering the constraints of both space and acoustics  it was well presented with a historical context, funny at times but with emotional moments, such as the episode of a separated couple
re-meeting and finding that in fact they still loved each other.

The play was accompanied throughout by music – piano and songs – which were perfect and performed to the always high standard of the Lamb Players.

The Hastings Tapestry is currently on display at Bridgepoint and can be seen on the following weekends:
Saturday August 25 and Sunday August 26
Saturday September 14 and Sunday September 15
Saturday October 12 and Sunday October 13
Opening times, 11am to 3pm


Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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