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Local film director Bindu de Stoppani is looking forward to bringing her new feature film “Finding Camille” to The Kino later this month.
The actress turned scriptwriter and director has gone full circle after creating and researching the film here in East Sussex, before shooting in Switzerland, Italy and Bosnia.
“Finding Camille” premiered at the Rome Film Festival last year and has already screened in cinemas and on TV in Switzerland. It is set to travel to New York later this month (The Manhattan Film Festival) and will appear on TV in Germany, Spain and France over the coming months.

Bindu de Stoppani

But Bindu, 41, says:  ‘It is great to be able to share a film I have worked on for the last few years with a home crowd. It is fantastic to have the support of a local independent cinema like The Kino.
“Finding Camille” was developed here. I researched the subject matter by speaking with local residents, as well as the Alzheimer’s Society Group in Hastings. I wrote the script here too . . . often whilst sipping copious cups of tea in local cafés.’
This comedy/drama is a heartfelt story of a daughter (Camille), who decides to go on a road trip down memory lane with her Alzheimer’s suffering father (Edoardo), to help him recapture his past. She must learn to let her father (a former war correspondent) go, or risk losing happiness and a life of her own.
As they secretly depart in Edoardo’s battered VW campervan, they make their way towards Bosnia, where his most recent work took place. Along the way they pick up a lonesome hitchhiker (Leo), who is travelling (with his cello) across Europe.
On the hunt for whom her father’s Camille is, they experience many highs and lows and they humorously bond over cold soup, campfires, toilet breaks and night-time wanderings.
Bindu, who appeared as an actress in iconic films, such as Danny Boyle’s “The Beach” (starring Hollywood legend Leonardo Di Caprio) and cult-classic “28 Days Later”, explains the research that went into the film: ‘I interviewed various war correspondents in order to understand the true meaning and challenges imposed on being a journalist within conflict zones.
“It was interesting to hear and discuss the personal sacrifices, which I wanted to represent in the film. The father/daughter story. The pain, fear and sorrow at the departures and the endless hope of a return.
“Within this film I wanted to talk about the theme of memory… and how we all have such different memories of the past, both personal as well as global.
“To help me with my research, I met with several Alzheimer’s groups, spoke to and spent time with people with Alzheimer’s, as well as their carers.
“A lot of carers are often unacknowledged, and this is the reason I wanted the story to be about Camille, the daughter. Her point of view and the sacrifices she is making for a sick parent”.
Bindu adds: “I wanted to touch upon this subject matter, to depict the problems, but also to talk about them with humour, hope and comedy. I, of course, look forward to answering more questions at the screenings of “Finding Camille”, where I will be hosting a Q&A with the audience, at the end of the film. Hope to see you there!”
Sunday April 22 at 8pm – followed by a Q&A with the Director
Monday April 23, 8pm – followed by a Q&A with the Director
Book tickets online at www.kinodigital.co.uk or call 01797 357 68 45

Photos: Courtesy Bindu de Stoppani

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