Musical memories of Tilling

'Lucia' spars with 'Georgie'

Flappers packed out the Milligan Theatre on Saturday, November 2 for a show-stopper. Kate Garner and her band played “Songs from the Art Deco Decades” to a packed house.

Kate Garner

The audience, many of whom came dressed to impress, were also treated to a preview of a few numbers from Kate’s Mapp & Lucia musical, which she is developing with the producers, Runaway Entertainment, and will hopefully be performed next year.

All members of the band were very talented but the sax and clarinet played by Robert Fowler was especially touching. But of course, the evening was driven by the entertainer, the charming singer Kate, with a beautiful voice and comedy of manners. She included a Mapp & Lucia sketch with her equally talented husband Paul Garner, performer and comedy writer which was very funny. And to top it all Kate and the band got many of the audience onto the dance floor to dance foxtrots, calypso, the Charleston and the tango played on a 1930s Wurlitzer.

The event was put on by Rye Arts Festival and sponsored by Mike Eve, who took the opportunity to mark and celebrate 50 years of happily married life to Madeline. In addition, Garden Gems of East Guldeford provided the floral decorations and Morfeys Removals Ltd of Rye were thanked for the piano transportation. Kate Garner has a website where one can join a mailing list and can be the first to hear of the complete Mapp & Lucia Musical planned for next year as well as any other forthcoming shows.

Kate Garner and her band

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy .


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