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So often the more mature local artists feature in Rye News but now it is the turn of our younger creatives, their chance to shine and bring a little bit of joy and light relief to our amazing NHS workers and the patients they will be very soon be looking after in the newly built NHS Nightingale hospital in London.

All around the country children are showing their appreciation for our medical staff by painting, drawing and colouring rainbows which adorn many households and buildings throughout the United Kingdom.

Although not official, “Rainbows for Nightingale” has been embraced by the NHS.  To get involved, what you need to do is get your young ones kitted out with felt pens, crayons, paints or whatever you have available and get crafty with an A4 piece of paper creating your prettiest rainbows and messages of positivity.

A message from NHS Nightingale London

There are no restrictions on how many you draw and you are welcome to write messages of hope or well wishes on them too. Earlier Facebook posts have unfortunately proven to be fake, the London address posted online for forwarding completed drawings was not officially sanctioned either but the NHS really do welcome rainbow pictures (but not paper versions please) and once completed, send your amazing creations using the #RainbowsForNightingale hashtag

What a lovely way to say thank you and at the same time engaging our children in something so positive. Their efforts will no doubt make a huge difference to the morale of our NHS teams, patients and support staff.

Image Credits: Rainbows for Nightingale , Twitter / @NightingaleLDN .


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