Story, story

Some characters from Caryl Hart's many books

Help is at hand for parents who are struggling to home-school or entertain their now housebound progeny.

Icklesham based musical storyteller Ann Rachlin has made all her recordings freely available to parents, to help keep their children occupied during this time of crisis. Ann also says that if any royalties that come in during this time, she will give them to deaf children’s charities.

You can access her work via her Spotify page. If you don’t use Spotify currently, it is simple and free to set up an account.

Elsewhere children’s author Caryl Hart has set up a web page which gathers together live story readings and other activities that children may like to partipate in. Most of the events take place via Facebook and there are several each weekday to choose from. As well as story telling, children can participate in question and answer sessions with authors and learn to draw.

Games and worksheets are also available at Caryl’s website.

Do you know of any other online resources that it would be good to share with other Rye News readers? Please let us know!

Image Credits: Nick East, Ali Pye, Edward Eaves, Sarah Warburton, Tom McLaughlin and Leonie Lord .


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