Painted parodies of art

An example of American Gothic

Andrew Ashton, a former Trustee for the Rye Art Gallery, last week  gave a very interesting talk for the Friends of the Gallery.

He told us: “Many paintings from art history are familiar to us, some more than others. For instance ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’, ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘American Gothic’ are just a few which are part of our visual culture.

“Because they are so familiar the original images become ideal material for advertising, comedy and even political propaganda. Often these altered images have real power and intrigue, with the added bonus of being hilariously funny ” – as one can see in the picture left and many others he showed us.

Sadly this may be the last of the Friends of the Rye Art Gallery (FRAG) talks for some time as Paddy and Gill Harvey are standing down at the AGM as chair and secretary (on March 20 at 5pm) because they have served the FRAG Committee for the maximum time the constitution allows.

They were the movers and shakers of FRAG, organizing outings, talks and much more including organising membership and the newsletter.

FRAG is hoping that keen individuals might come forward to take on the challenge of these roles. Anyone interested please email:

Illustration from FRAG


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