Painting from within

The Red Door Gallery at 58 Cinque Ports Street, Rye

Three artists collaborate in a unique exhibition, “Painting from Within” at the Red Door Alchemist Gallery in Cinque Ports Street from August 5 to 17, from 11am to 5pm each day (closed Tuesdays).

This unique collaboration from a trio of intuitive artists takes inspiration from the world around us and within us as a reflection of inner creative force. This a body of work expresses a range of thoughts, feelings and responses.

Kent based artists Deborah Pugh, Claire Hammond and Elaine Almond’s new exhibition celebrates their individual and intuitive responses to the natural world and aspects of modern life.

Deborah is an experimental watercolour and mixed media artist: “Although I paint in many mediums, watercolour is my passion as I love the fluidity and translucence. The fluidity of these mediums creates spontaneity, lending itself to the creation of emotive paintings.”

Elaine is an intuitive abstract artist, whose expressive works in acrylic and oil aim to capture wonder and emotion in colour, and something of the beauty around us here. A client commented on being drawn to Elaine’s painting by “the really vibrant colours, the dark blue strokes and sense of mist, mystery and questioning. It allows me to wonder, look deeper and longer and it draws me in”.

Claire is a contemporary mixed media artist, inspired by the natural world, the subconscious, and a sense of place. She works intuitively, basing her process on the connection she feels with nature. Her work seeks to express a range of human emotion as well as to explore the subtle and intricate interconnectedness of life.

Visitors to the exhibition will have a chance to be inspired by the work of these creative artists, as each brings their own original and unique creative process to life. Having met each other through a shared desire to create from within, Deborah, Claire and Elaine showcase their own individual talents. Each artist demonstrates their own expression of the ways in which colour, joy, emotion, connection and reflection play a fundamental part of their process.

Source: Deborah Pugh

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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