Pett Level sculptor’s open studio

Garden Sculptures

A local sculptor holds open studio at his house at Pett Level over two weekends, September 1-2 and September 8-9.

Tim Riddihough’s Yellow bird

Tim Riddihough writes “After a 34 year flying career, I decided that visual art was a better way to express myself. I obtained a Diploma in Fine Art at Hastings Collage in 1998, specialising in sculpture, mainly large wooden constructions, which I have continued to make since then. After gaining another HND in Craft, specialising in ceramics, my work includes painting, collage, sculpture and ceramic sculpture.

“Here at Pett Level over the last 20 years my work has expanded to occupy most of the space in my house and garden so that the whole place has become a sort of ‘studio-cum-installation’ with kiln shed, storage sheds and lookout tower”.

Tim Riddihough’s studio is at Fardham, Chick Hill, Pett Level, TN35 4EQ. The open days, from 11am to 6pm, are under the aegis of Coastal Currents.

Image Credits: Tim Riddihough .


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