Pirates of Penzance in town

The singers receiving well deserved applause from the audience after one of their performances

A birthday on February 29 is relatively rare – in fact the odds are 1461-1. However, we can all experience the ramifications of this unusual circumstance on that same date, this Saturday at the Community Centre in Conduit Hill.

Ryesingers are holding a concert which tells the story of the young Frederic and his eventual release from his apprenticeship to the Pirates of Penzance. This was due to finish on his 21st birthday – which would have made him wait until he was actually 84. The programme also includes songs from London based musicals from the 17th-21st centuries.

After 50 years the joy of singing remains undiminished

Ryesingers plan to present a classical programme later this year with the Mozart Requiem, music by Beethoven (2020 marks the 250th anniversary of his birth) and by Haydn. You are invited to join them – either in the audience or if you would like to sing the music with them, please contact Leslie Brownbill on 01797 222637.

Next year Ryesingers will celebrate a very special anniversary. October 6 2021 marks 50 years since eight women first met to sing together and now the choir, with mixed voices, is still going strong. More information about them and past performances can be found here.

Image Credits: Isabel Ryan .


  1. Congratulations to Lesley and Rye Singers on their 49th anniversary. You have entertained us well over the years.
    Perhaps you could again share a event or two on the 50th Anniversary with Rye Arts Festival?
    An opportunity not to be missed for both organisations, surely?


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