Postcards from Rye

Harold Wood, watercolour on board, permanent collection

Julian Day, permanent collection curator, gave a talk at the Rye Art Gallery on Saturday, August 24, and the display he spoke about concerned both historic and contemporary art works, postcards and earlier paintings by popular Rye artists.

Winchelsea Church – Sketchbook drawing by Edward Burra (1905-1976)

He explained that Mary and Howard Stormont, who lived and worked originally in the building before bequeathing it to the Rye community, used local photography and local settings for their paintings.

A Postcard Mary Stormont made from her painting

Mary also was commercially orientated and photographed her paintings, eventually making them into postcards and selling them in Adams on the high street. The permanent collection and the building were certainly a generous gift to the town. Julian Day tries to rotate the wonderful varied art work from the collection which is shown in the top gallery.

Another interesting talk to attend is on Wednesday, September 18, between 7pm and 8pm by Fiona Graham Mackay called “The best brushstrokes with Fiona”. She is a National Portrait Gallery exhibitor and art teacher and her show at the Rye Art Gallery (from September 14 to 30) is part of the Rye Arts Festival.

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Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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