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The Red Door Alchemist Gallery in Cinque Ports street has a new exhibition which opened on August 5 and runs until August 17. It was a pleasure to enter the space again and see works from three local artists, Deborah Pugh, Claire Hammond and Elaine Arnold in a collaborative exhibition entitled “Painting From Within”.

Artist Elaine Arnold mans the exhibition

Manned by Elaine Arnold (pictured) on Wednesday, each artist showcases “their individual approaches to the creative process based largely on on an emotional response to the natural world and aspects of life”

Using mixed media – Deborah is an experimental water colourist, Elaine an abstract artist using acrylics and oils, and Claire a contemporary mixed media artist – the space was filled with vibrant colour and shape, together with Elaine’s paintings expressive of the countryside locally, a response to the pandemic.

Works of all prices and sizes are available and the variety of the images and colour palettes is satisfyingly wide. It is well worth popping in as Rye opens up again.

Source: Red Door Gallery

Image Credits: Gillian Roder .


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