Film Club’s autumn/winter programme

Can You Ever Forgive Me

Despite some suggestions that perhaps Rye Film Club should not show films during the summer, we had our best turn out of the year in August for The Green Book, a splendid Oscar-winning film. We look forward to more entertaining movies as we head towards autumn and winter. We hope you’ll come and join us.

Friday September 6 – Can You Ever Forgive Me? (2018 – 155 minutes) (cert. 15)

This Oscar-nominated film is based on the true story of Lee Israel, a one-time best-selling author who turned to deception and forgery when her career turned sour. Starring Melissa McCarthy as Israel, who at one time was a successful writer of biographies including those of Katharine Hepburn and Estee Lauder, but once her works fell out of fashion, she found herself unpublishable and resorted to desperate measures in order to survive. She meets and befriends Jack Hock (Richard E. Grant) who aids and abets her in her illicit ventures.

Friday October 4 – The White Crow (2018 – 132 minutes) (cert. 12)

It is 1961 and the dazzling Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev arrives in Paris for a performance in a blaze of publicity, but he has other matters on his mind as he sets out to outwit his KGB minders and make good his escape to asylum in the West. With his magnetic presence as a wild and beautiful dancer, he is set to conquer the world of ballet but but it comes at a price. Starring Oleg Ivenko and Ralph Fiennes, who also directs the film.

Friday November 1 – From The Land Of The Moon (2016 – 120 minutes) (cert. 15) (French)

Set in a small village in 1950s France, this film stars Marion Cotillard as Gabrielle, a passionate and free-spirited young woman trapped in a loveless marriage. Her parents marry her off to José, an honest and loving Spanish farm worker who they think will make a respectable woman of her, but despite his devotion to her, she vows that she can never love him and lives like a prisoner bound by the conventions of the time. Her chance of freedom comes when she is sent away to a cure in the Alps to heal her kidney stones where she meets André, a dashing injured army veteran, who rekindles the passion buried inside her. She promises they will run away together but will anything stand in the way of true love? (French language with English subtitles)

Friday December 12 – The Lion King (to be confirmed) (2019 – 118 minutes) (cert. PG)

This Disney ‘live-action’ animated film tells the story of a lion cub crown prince who is tricked by a treacherous uncle into thinking he caused his father’s death. He then flees into exile in despair, only to learn in adulthood of his true identity and his responsibilities. A sure-fire winner with children of all ages. (please note the change of date to the second Friday of December)

Friday January 3 – Vita And Virginia (2018 – 110 minutes) (cert. 12)

This is a film that was always waiting to be made – about the passionate love affair between two literary icons of the first half of the 20th century, Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf. In 1922 Vita received an invitation to a Bloomsbury gathering and met Virginia for the first time. They ‘hit it off’ and subsequently became lovers and lifelong friends. Their friendship overcame social boundaries, Virginia’s mental health struggles and Vita’s recklessness, and they would never be the same again without each other. Starring Gemma Arterton and Elizabeth Debicki in the title roles, ably supported by Isabella Rossellini as Lady Sackville and Rupert Penry-Jones as Harold Nicolson.

Friday February 7 – Burning (2018 – 148 minutes) (cert. 15) (Korean language)

This highly rated Korean film was described by The Guardian as ‘masterfully crafted’, by Time Out as ‘an intriguing enigma’ and according to The Telegraph it ‘blazes with mystery’. Jong-Su, a part-time worker bumps into Hae-Mi who used to live in his area and as a result she asks him to look after her cat while she goes on a trip to Africa. So far, so straightforward, but when she returns she is accompanied by a mysterious man called Ben whom she met on her travels. One day Ben visits Jong-Su with Hae-Mi and confesses his unusual hobby! Starring Ah-in Yoo and Jong Seo-jun. (Korean language with English subtitles)

All films showing at Rye Community Centre, £5, 7pm start, doors 6:30pm.


The following DVDs are for sale via Geoff at Grammar School Records in Rye High Street at £6 each unless priced otherwise, first-come, first-served.

ALBERT NOBBS (Glenn Close) (£5)

BRASSED OFF (Pete Postlethwaite) (£5)

THE CARER (Brian Cox) (£5)


FINDING YOUR FEET (Imelda Staunton) (£5)

THE HEIRESSES (Ana Brun) (Spanish language/English subtitles)

THE IMPOSSIBLE (Pierce Brosnan) (£5)

THE IRON LADY (Meryl Streep) (£5)

JULIETA (Emma Suarez)(Spanish language) (£5)


LITTLE WHITE LIES (Marion Cotillard) (French language/English subtitles)

LOVE & FRIENDSHIP (Kate Beckinsale) (£5)

MAUDIE (Sally Hawkins)


THE SHAPE OF WATER (Sally Hawkins)

SHERLOCK HOLMES (Robert Downey, Jr.) (£5)


A STAR IS BORN (Lady Gaga)

SWEET COUNTRY (Hamilton Morris)

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH (Alicia Vikander) (£5)

THEIR FINEST HOUR (Gemma Arterton) (£5)



WEST SIDE STORY (Natalie Wood/George Chakiris)


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