Rye Ripper murder hunt

Jack the Ripper murder hunt

Three men have been struck down by the Ripper and fear has Rye in its grip!

The police are hitting brick walls and going up blind alleys in their seemingly fruitless bid to solve the case. Well, help is on hand for the local constabulary… and it’s you!
Time for you to get together with friends and family to form a squad of crack amateur
sleuths! It’s down to you to investigate and solve the case.

In its 50th anniversary year (September 10-26), Rye Arts Festival has a new departure for a new age – a role-playing game, using an app that you download to your phone. And the opening Saturday of the Festival on September 11 is when you can play detectives in Rye using this award-winning app. Pay £24 for the app and you are allowed to download apps for up to four phones/players.

You then have between 9am and 2pm for your team to crack the case. You will walk the
cobbled streets of Rye and unlock cryptic clues and question witnesses when you reach
specific locations. You will interrogate virtual suspects, piece together and analyse the evidence that you have gathered and expose The Ripper.

Why not also stop for a beer or glass of wine or a cup of tea as you play the game?
The developers of the game, who have created a bespoke version for Rye for the festival,
reckon it will take a couple of hours to solve the case, and point out that the app will tell you where to start so you won’t have to waste time before the fun begins!

Tickets for eight selected Early Bird events (including classical and contemporary music,
literary talks as well at the Rye Ripper Murder Hunt) are currently on sale, and for details of
these events and the other Early Bird offers, and to buy tickets, go to the website.

Image Credits: Supplied by Rye Arts Festival .


  1. What a misogynistic, unthinking and ignorant idea for a game. Wake up people! It’s the 21st century! We no longer get our rocks off gloating over the rape and slaughter of women (or men) out at night, or elevate the status of the deranged psychopaths who get away with it!


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