Sergio Mendez Brazilian Jazz


In St Mary’s Church, up in the highest point of Rye, the Jazz & Blues festival’s weekend of entertainment started on Friday May 3.

Sergio Mendes came to stardom with his iconic band, Brazil ‘66 and has a sound that combines Brazilian rhythms with Jazz,Pop, Soul and Funk.

I went with my friend; Bailey and we sat at the back. By 8pm the room was buzzing with anticipation and excitement. As Sergio came on stage following his introduction he received an ecstatic reception from the audience and loud applause.

The band consisted of Drums, Bass, Guitar, Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals and Sergio himself on the keyboard. His wife also joined him as one of the two singers.

In between songs Sergio would give a storyline behind each; many of which connected to his childhood. As he played his big 1966 hit “Mas Que Nada” -which topped the charts again forty years later in collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas. – the whole audience stood, danced and sang as Bailey and I laughed away, smiles reaching our eyes.

As the lighthearted fun atmosphere came to an end at around 9:30pm, the audience left the jam-packed church satisfied with their night. The first stop of Sergio Mendes’ tour came to an end, with an amazing beginning.

Image Credits: Axa Arcadia .

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