Song of a climate denier

Flooding can be one of the consequences of climate change

The earth is on fire. Don’t talk such rot
At least we won’t freeze, and some like it hot
Ten years to save the planet. Don’t be so daft
It’s fantasy fear-mongering. You’re having a laugh.

Three degrees warming sounds nothing at all
It’s a drop in the ocean, it’s ridiculously small
Slap on the suntan cream. Get on a plane
Enjoy the hot weather. Forget acid rain.

And please don’t ask me to go vegetarian
I’m a red-blooded, freedom-loving libertarian
Lock up all the activists. Throw away the key
Eco-warriors should be shot at dawn I hope you all agree.

I’ve done a spot of research though I’m not a girlie swot
But this scientific eco-babble can tie you up in knots
And Sir David Attenborough? He needs to think again
To side with rabble-rousers is totally insane.

Don’t be a wuss or an anxious snowflake
Even experts can make a mistake
Trump’s right. Global warming? It’s fake news
Don’t tell me what to think. I have the right to choose.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


  1. Excellent! I don’t believe in man made climate change caused by CO2. The climate is naturally dynamic and constantly changing and always will be. Pollution and waste are the main problems that need solving.
    Merry Christmas to all in these restricted times!

  2. I must inform your readers that I do not share the views expressed by this opinionated climate denier. I wrote the words but used an invented character to articulate the extreme position taken by someone who does not accept the overwhelming scientific evidence confirming the reality of man-made global warming

  3. To avoid any doubt in your readers’ minds the ‘opinionated climate denier’ I refer to in my previous post was the one in the poem, not Chris Leigh.


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