Summer art exhibition returns


After two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, the Tuesday Painters Club of Rye is once again mightily relieved, thrilled even, to be presenting its August exhibition this year and at last giving its members the opportunity to show what it hopes will be a lot of artwork created during lockdown. Doors open Friday, August 12.

The story behind the 2022 poster

For the past six decades, a different member has been invited each year to paint a ‘poster’ for the exhibition, the original being hung on the outer wall of the building at St Mary’s Centre, so it can only be in oil or acrylic in order to withstand whatever the weather may throw at it. From this year onwards, the club will be using the artwork for promotional purposes as well and, of course, bragging rights for the selected artist! The poster for 2022 was created by our talented member, Claire Polley.

Claire explained that during lockdown, she had been inspired by a stained glass window in a church in Rye, New York which she’d seen online. It depicts medieval Rye in England!

The colours are, she says, very similar to those she chooses for her own work. She has been experimenting with straight lines running through her pictures, stylising a ‘traditional’ scene and morphing it into geometric, angled plains of colour.

She tells us: “I’m very much enjoying the process and have had some lovely comments on my work and the direction it’s taking. Along with stained glass windows, I also get inspiration from Mondrian’s earlier work, Clarice Cliff and Cubism, and how these alternative styles can be applied unconventionally to our natural landscapes that I love so much.”

A selection of some of Claire’s unique geometrical compositions can be seen at the Strand Quay gallery run by Delphine Pope.

The slideshow below contains some examples of posters from previous exhibitions.

Image Credits: Janet Haken .

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  1. Claire’s eye catching work is a good example of the talent ever present and ever evident in Tuesday Painters of Rye Exhibition.

    Well done TPs. At last!

  2. We had that picture on our wall for about four years, we got it from a charity shop and re donated when we decorated so it’s doing it’s bit to support a good cause.


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