The Minimus in sustainable material

Fascinating images and small constructions on The Minimus

The Peacocke Gallery in Lion Street, run by David Ridgway has curated a very different but interesting exhibition which is open at the moment.  It is a showcase for ukulele maker Rod Arthur. Rod makes ukuleles but for this show he made “mini ukes”, calling the show “The Minimus”.

The dancing man by David Ridgway, owner of The Peacocke Gallery

He invited several artists, including Dave Winthrope, Abbi Roberts, Pete Buckley, Anna Allcock and others, including David Ridgway. His idea was for the individuals to paint the ukuleles or to bolt a construction on the neck of the ukulele, the height of which is 260mm. He uses English made Living Water flurocarbon soprano strings and salvaged ebony piano keys for the top nuts and saddles and presently he is using sustainable  spruce for the soundboard. He also uses reclaimed hardwood where possible. Most fascinating are the paintings and constructions on the instruments from the individual artists.

For more information contact, phone 07941 334 836 or Facebook: @TheMinimusUkulele.

Finally, from George Harrison: Ukulele – “…a machine that kills sadness.”

Something very different in this exhibition, but a fascinating genre

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


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