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Here at Rye News Towers we have dug out our big book of quizzes and we’ll be bringing you new ones on a regular basis.

The answers are at the bottom (you’ll need to scroll down a bit) so no cheating.  Let us know how often you would like new quizzes to be published.

Quiz Number 1

1. A sentence containing all the alphabet’s letters is known as a what?

2. What is the international car index mark for a car from Singapore?

3. What was the most common surname of MPs after the 2005 general election?

4. In which decade did Fiji leave the Commonwealth?

5. Who wrote the novel “The Pathfinder”?

6. Columbus is the capital of which US state?

7. Who directed the 1991 film “The Silence of the Lambs”?

8. What was Duran Duran’s first UK Top Ten hit?

9. Which post was held by William Gilbert at the courts of Elizabeth 1 and James 1?

10. Which river was first explored by Scotsman Mungo Park?

11. Mogadishu is the capital of which country?

12. Where did the married Princess Elizabeth live before she came to the throne?

13. In music what does the expression “pesante” mean?

14. Who was the Greek goddess of victory?

15. On the first of which month is Canada Day celebrated?

16. What is the title of the head of the College or Arms?

17. In which movie did Hitchcock first appear in one of his cameo roles?

18. Which TV character drove a yellow car called Bessie?

19. For which film did Geena Davies first win an Oscar?

20. In 1860 Willie Park became the first winner of which sporting trophy?

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1. Pangram
2. SGP
3. Smith
4. 1980s
5. James Fenimore Cooper
6. Ohio
7. Jonathan Demme
8. Girls on Film
9. Royal Physician
10. River Niger
11. Somalia
12. Clarence House
13. Heavy, ponderous
14. Nike
15. July
16. Earl Marshall
17. The Lodger
18. Doctor Who
19. The Accidental Tourist
20. British Open (Golf)

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