Tom Hammick exhibition

Set sail by silent moonlight

Tom Hammick’s print show is exhibited at the Rye Art Gallery until September 30. He has made a series of woodcuts to illustrate Adam Nicholson’s new book ‘The Making of Poetry‘, a celebration to mark the 250th anniversary of Wordsworth and specifically, the time he, his sister, Dorothy and Samuel Taylor Coleridge spent together.

The woodcuts are created from fallen timber in the park at Alfoxden, where the Wordsworths lived, and are very vibrant in colour.

The troubled nature of our connections both to each other and to the natural world have long been the artist’s concern. Here in the visions of the poets, in the luminous shadowed trees, in Coleridge’s dream worlds and Wordsworth’s sense of winter loneliness and springtime gaiety, Hammick summons a visual vocabulary that reconnects the present to these foundations of modern sensibilities.

Frost at Midnight

Image Credits: Jane Fenn , Kenneth Bird .


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